About Us

Big Wallys Barbecue was a dream that became a reality in 2014 while I was living in Savannah, Georgia. A love for outdoor cooking was inspired by my Grandfather Walter “June” Strong, affectionately known to some as “Big Wally”.

The company logo was created from a picture with him and I when I was 2 years old. A lot of my childhood memories with him involved family cookouts with lots of food and great music that I can still hear today. While great fellowship and grilling was taking place on the outside, there was another element taking place on the inside.

My Grandmother, Mary Strong aka Aint’ Jack, would occasionally make this amazing barbecue sauce that drove everyone crazy. I often watched the love she put into making it and a few years ago, I decided to try and recreate her famous BBQ Sauce. After about two months worth of attempts, I finally got it to where I thought they would both be proud of what I created and through me, they will always live!! This is my homage to two people who helped make me who I am today.

Aint’ Jacks Drizzle and all other products are still homemade with a heavy dose of love and passion in small batches to ensure its quality and take you back to your most perfect time in life.

Stephen Strong

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